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- Sleep Consulting -

I truly believe in the importance of sleep and the ability to get a restful night of sleep at any age.
Building good sleep foundations early on can really help to promote a lifetime of good sleep. Although it's never too late to start good sleep hygiene and practices.

Having sleep trained two very different kids along with my medical experience I am so happy to be able to share sleep guidelines with parents virtually from the comfort of their home.

You can choose an hourly based consult to address a certain issue or a comprehensive consult to guide you through all the phases of baby's sleep during the first year.

My biggest take away from years of personal and professional experience...there is not one way to sleep train and whatever method you choose has to be one that every one in the house can commit to and follow through. Just like many things in child bearing; consistencey is key.

1 hour problem based consult: $125
Comprehensive consult from birth to 1 year: $500

Free 15 minute consults available to discuss your needs and determine best approach.

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“I met Dr. Raker a few years ago when I took my children to their scheduled wellness visit, and our regular pediatrician was called out. Dr. Raker was so friendly and conscientious. She built an immediate rapport with both of my kids, and put us all at ease. As Dr. Raker is also a mom in our community, I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with her at our kids’ activities and also socially. I can confidently say that Dr. Raker is simply a warm and delightful woman and pediatrician.”
Michele G.